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Sally White

Sally White
Potter: Sally White

Telephone: 07443 510545
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Studio Opening Details: Open every day.

About Sally White

Very early on, Sally's ideas were influenced by an interest in the features of animals, their faces and the use of these and other peculiar faces for ornamentation and the grotesque in architecture, such as green men and adaptations of these. Handles on mugs protrude in a similar way to the scary looking animal faces used as gargoyles and ornamental drainpipes on the sides of buildings.

As well as these items above, Sally also has an interest in fashion, especially the somewhat outrageous dress and hairstyles of today. The fashion for seams on the outside, raw edges, no hems, rips and ladders, and all sorts of 'far-fetched' braids and pants showing above jeans, is so alien and fascinating to Sally as she has always been taught traditional neat needlework, with attention to all raw edges out of sight.

All of these interests together with a strong desire to 'make', appears in clay. This medium is so adaptable and free forming, especially now that technology has developed the fantastically usable paper clay and many more bright stoneware colours.