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Footpath Map

Footpath Map

This map shows the footpaths across the fields at the back of the Centre.
Footpaths and Local Walks

Footpaths and Local Walks

At the Jinney Ring we welcome walkers, cyclists, and horse riders alike. We do however ask that if you are using our facilities you visit our shops or restaurant as part of your visit. We do have car parking congestion particularly in the summer holidays and at Christmas time, and therefore ask that you do not use our car park unless you are using the Craft Centre as well. If you are a large group we also ask that you book in with us in advance so that we can manage our resources in the most effective way.

There are several walks around Hanbury (and the Jinney Ring), with a network of footpaths - some of these will also take you to the waterways.

The following links and information may be helpful when planning your walk.

For the closest one that makes a nice short walk, the Hanbury Women's Institute have produced a nice leaflet which shows a walk which takes in Hanbury Hall and the Jinney Ring - this is available for download here

Hanbury Circular Walk

For a download of the Hanbury Circular walk (Jinney Ring is a spur from this), please click here

Nature Valley Website

For free Maps - Try the Nature Valley Website please click here

Ordinance Survey Maps

For Ordinance Survey Maps of the area (and elsewhere) please click here. These maps have all of the footpaths and bridleways marked but require a payment to be made.

Local Council

For the local council website walking in the countryside information please click here


For walks including the waterways please click here

Discover the 'Salt King'

For the John Corbett Way (Discover the 'Salt King') walk - 7.5 miles please click here