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Jenny Webster

Photographer: Jenny Webster

Telephone: 01527 661573 or 07762 837531

About Jenny Webster

I have always had an interest in photography, but only in the last few years have I really developed the hobby into the level it is now. I am a keen member of the Bromsgrove Photographic Society. I have always travelled to see wildlife in its natural environments for the last 25 years.

I have travelled to every continent and seen nearly all of the animals and birds that I have travelled to see. Sometimes I have had to go again, as I have not seen them on the first attempt.

Now with photography being so important to me, I do some repeat challenges, and I notice the decline of some animals and it saddens me.

I have camped out in the artic, close to the melt edge, just to glimpse at the elusive Narwhals arriving along with the huge bowhead whales, simply because they can be seen nowhere else in the world than here.

I have trekked up volcano edges to see mountain gorilla, and through rainforests and thick swamps to witness Orangatan living in what is left of their diminishing habitat.

Yellowstone is usually a summer holiday for we Brits, but I travelled there in January when it was frozen solid and high in snow, to witness the wolves living free. Africa holds huge memories for me and I have been to most corners. Each time I go it is always a different show to be witnessed. There are so many more amazing things that I have done, and many many more that I have seen.

Every photo that I take is of an animal in its own environment. I call my photos proudly wild and free. Each picture will I have this confirmed. I do not take my pictures in Zoos or Wildlife Parks. I do not have anything against these very important institutes, however for me it is important that my photos are in natural habitat.

Each picture will have information on where the photo has been taken and the situation at the time where applicable.

My plans for 2017 include a trip to Antartica from January 7th to Febraury 2nd, where penguins of all sorts will be photographed, along with many birds, including Albatross. Then March for 3 weeks I will be in India where a rich and amazing variety of animals and birds exist, and of course the endangered Tiger. This will be my 4th time to India. I normally include Nepal but not this time, due to the frightening diminish of rhino and tiger from both Chitwan and west side of Nepal. In April iIam in the Cairngorms to see the hares and pine martins and red squirrels. I am a keen member of the wildlife trust and love photographing English wildlife just as much as abroad. I have a hide at my home and enjoy taking the British and migrating birds. I have a family of fox and badger which I follow on night cameras. I have the river Salwarpe on the edge of the garden, and it is amazing how the river is a corridor for so many animals to move around at night. Then just one last trip that is planned is June to July - Ethiopia, which has its own variety of unique animals including wolf. Thereafter I travel on to the congo, to see and share some time with the lowland Gorilla.

So I hope you see that I truly live to enjoy our wonderful wild animals in their true existence. It has been my life and will continue for as long as I can in my photos which I hope to share with you, and I feel that because they have been photographed wild and free, that you can truly embrace and love them as much as I do.

Nothing will make me happier in showing people just how wonderful and important these amazing animals and birds are, and how important it is that we strive to keep them WILD AND FREE for generations to come.