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Hazel Thomson

Hazel Thomson
Potter: Hazel Thomson

Telephone: 07986 230445

Studio Opening Details: Open every day.

About Hazel Thomson

"My love affair with clay started when I enrolled in a pottery class at The MAC in Cannon Hill. I wanted to know everything and soon outgrew the class. What followed was Bournville College of Art, first with City & Guilds in Ceramics, and next the Art Foundation course which lead to my dream course at Wolverhampton University studying BA (Hons) in Three Dimensional Design - Ceramics with Glass. It was such an amazing opportunity. 

I like the rawness of clay, the malleability - then once fired, it is a material which can last thousands of years. A small fragment can reveal much about the potter. Each mark is remembered by the clay and once fired, is there forever. 

My area of practice is mainly sculptural rather than functional. I use earthen ware clays, paper clay; glazing some of the pieces and burnishing with smoke-firing others, the work reflecting fragility with strength - a paradox. I look to such artists as John Maltby and Tapies. The iconography which is seen in their work inspires me, as does the markings on Pictish standing stones found in Scotland."