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Our Jinney Ring Ducks

Information and Caution

Information and Caution

As a Jinney Ring duck I love to welcome visitors - specially when rewarded with corn! (Situated in the doorway of the conservatory, small charge applies.) We all love bread too of course, but we know it is not very good for us. (They say there are no nutrients and it goes straight through us!)

We are quite a varied bunch and revel in our diversity! We do inter breed but you can still see Runner, Aylesbury, Pekin, Appleyard and Cayuga ducks as well as the wild Mallards in amidst the throng. We are very lucky and get to live in these lovely gardens complete with the two swimming ponds! Most nights we go inside to sleep in the large pen by the gazebo, although sometimes we take a chance and are ’dirty stop outs’. There are however many dangers in the garden, especially at night - the fox is quite often about as are birds of prey.

When you visit we aim to entertain you quacking, swimming, dabbling and fighting. We also mate and this can look like fighting as it is often a bit aggressive. Our flock here is mainly females (Ducks) but there are a few males (Drakes). The females lay quite a lot of eggs and these regularly get used in the kitchens in the homemade cakes.

The Do's:

* Feed us corn, we love it!! Feed it on the grass though as it sinks to the bottom if you throw it in the pond.

* Enjoy watching us and take some pictures—anything unusual do share with us on our duck facebook page!

* Wash your hands and children’s hands before eating after you have been with us.


The Don'ts

* Walk on the grass with bare feet and do watch out for crawling children, our toilet training has not been good!

* Touch us - we are lovely and soft but our feather are coated with oil to help us float and you can take it off by touching.

* Chase us - we get very stressed when children or animals chase us and this can lead to all sorts of illnesses and death.

* Introduce us to your pets - we like to see them but from a distance when on leads.

Ducks and Ponds

Ducks and Ponds

The Jinney Ring ponds have long been the home for White Indian Runner ducks, Crested White ducks and Call ducks.

Currently on the ponds we have some Bali ducks (white with crests), Call ducks, some beautiful Silver Appleyards and some very chubby Pekin ducks.

Each year we breed some more ducks of our own - from our own eggs and also buying in some new stock. It is always lovely to see what hatches and watch them grow up.

To give our ducklings a chance of survival we collect eggs from the islands in Spring and incubate them. When the ducklings hatch we keep them in a nursery pen (which also acts as our "hospital" area too) until they can fend for themselves.

Ducklings at Jinney Ring

Ducklings at Jinney Ring

Baby ducklings soon turn into gangly teenagers!